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Ultra Pro 23 Android device 4GB Ram

The Ultra Media Pro 23 Android 11 device is the newest generation of multimedia player and home multimedia gateway. ….The best way for you to enjoy network life.

  • Designed and built exclusively for Ultra Media This truly is a one of a kind next generation device.
  • Simply plug this device in to enjoy the Ultimate experience!
  • Built on the latest Android 11 technology, This box has powerful dual band WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • Built with lightening quick AllWinner processors, 4GB ram and 32GB of storage (Expandable up to 4TB)
  • The latest Ultra Apps ensure cutting edge performance and TeamViewer Quick Support ensures you have help on hand when you need it.
  • Get ready to experience the next level of home entertainment ….

Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote Control Smart Remote Controller.Built-in Gyroscope: This air mouse can sense changes in direction and speed, so you can directly move in the air to control it.Ergonomic Design: This curved design on the back of the air mouse is very suitabl.

Open Source and Free Android devices are ready to be shipped!

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All the latest apps available that are easy to update from the play store

Yes, b Ultra display ads for Android Player is the hardware. But if you sign up to one of our cost effective Plans, the Ultra display ads for Android licence is included in the cost of the plan for a selected period of time! See our Pricing page for information. If you’re not on a Plan, perpetual licenses are available to purchase separately.

Here are just a few:

Full warranty Android Players. These are devices that we’ve tested and put through its paces and have enough confidence in to sell alongside our solution. Customers who buy an Ultra Media Pro media player can expect it to run in a stable, performance-driven way.
Size. Ultra Media Pro media players are tiny and can therefore be deployed discreetly.

Protect your new and existing these all come with a 1-year warranty.

It is all included in the price ( Excluding local customs fees)

Our service and software is always up to date